The Driveway Project

IMAGE HEAVY POST! This story has been a long time coming! In spring of this year, our major ranch project was to put in a driveway. We have deeded easement access from the county road to our southwest corner, but we needed to add on from there to reach our home site. Living in a [...]

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Natural Udder Wash

A quick Google search will result in many homemade udder wash formulations and numerous commercial brands available. I have my own ‘secret formula’ because I prefer non-toxic, all natural products and appreciate making things inexpensively at home. My udder wash is mixed in a 16 oz. spray bottle, which uses less and is easy to [...]

Got Milk!

Over the past several years there has been a remarkable increase in the number of women, with a sprinkling of men, maintaining a family milk cow or dairy goats. Wonderfully there are no signs of the trend slowing down either! You can add me to that throng since 2012 marked the beginning of having my [...]

A Terrific Toy!

Are you looking for a fabulous fetch toy? Well, I know of a terrifically fun one! A soft foam rim, water proof fabric disc called Zipflight by Chuckit! It’s lightweight, safe for your dog’s teeth, flies fast and true, and is brightly colored to see easily. I don’t have a good throwing arm but the [...]

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The Book Shelf

As autumn marches forward, wood is being cut and stacked for winter-time use. I grow nostalgic for the enveloping warmth of wood heat and cooking on the wood stove (someday soon with our Waterford Stanley cookstove!). The following book fuels the feeling! "American Wood Heat Cookery" – by Margaret Byrd Adams For anyone interested in [...]

Grady’s Story

Canine Parvovirus (CPV), commonly referred to as Parvo, is a highly contagious disease most specific to dogs under 1 year old. There is a lot of fear, and fear-mongering, surrounding Parvo. The disease itself is not fatal, but the severe dehydration it causes in a short time, as well as secondary infections that result, are. [...]

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An Expanded View of the English Shepherd Standard

By Krystal Beers This article contains our personal expanded view of the English Shepherd Standard. It is based on our research and experience breeding various species of rare heritage animals for conservation; and should not be misunderstood as being directed at individual persons. There is a set of standards for most things - from dogs [...]

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