Every year people travel to the east coasts deciduous forests to see the glorious autumn colors at their peak. However, many do not realize that certain conifer forests can be just as colorful. Some folks search out forests heavy with the western Larch tree.


In our county the conifer forest is mixed with fir, pine, cedar, and larch (most often referred to as tamarack), as well as deciduous trees. Tamarack is a unique conifer in that each autumn its soft needle-like leaves change to a brilliant yellow-gold and then drop. It’s a sad tale when new folks move here in late fall, see “dead” trees on their property and cut them down only to learn the following year that they were tamaracks.


Tamarack is a harder wood than fir so it makes great firewood, long-burning with higher BTU’s. The grain of tamarack wood is exceptionally lovely making for stunning furniture and wood floors!


Earlier this week we took advantage of a drive to pick up our new Shetland ewe and equipment to also enjoy the tamaracks at their peak color. I thought you would enjoy photos. Please excuse the distracting chip in the windshield and bug debris; these shots had to be taken while on the move!